2>4.  For years, you have been told that 2 stroke engines were inferior to 4 stroke engines.  That no 2 stroke could compete on cleanliest, reliability, or efficiency.  That 2 strokes would soon be illegal.  WRONG.  There is now a 2 stroke engine that beats the 4 strokes in every category that matters.  Speed, fuel economy reliability, weight and even emissions.  It’s the Evinrude E-TEC.


E-TEC combines power and performance you have always recognized in a conventional 2 stroke, with the clean, quiet and fuel efficient properties of a 4 stroke.  After you go E-TEC you wonder how you ever put up with the hassles of owning a 4 stroke.  E-TEC’s unique marine technology makes it one of a kind on the water.  With its zero break-in process,  extreme oil economy, self-winterization and no scheduled dealer maintenance for 3 years, E-TEC has been dubbed the easiest and most reliable engine to own.  When you want fuel economy without sacrificing power, E-TEC has a horsepower for you.

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